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10th-Jan-2012 02:06 am - pre-AM of wedding
chasing the dream..
Still up at 2am brooding with excitement for bro's wedding which will happen today. In a few more hours. Groom is still up, typing guest list. Poor brother. He has to be out of the house by 6.30am to head to sis-in-law's place for the gate crash. They target to be back at our house by 9am. 

I get to sleep in later.

Good night.

2nd-Jan-2012 10:01 pm - to 2012..
chasing the dream..
Out with the old...

In with the new........

Happy New Year everyone! Hope u had an enjoyable New Year's Eve celebration/countdown as I had.. & a good New Year's Day as I had too..

I hope this new year will bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy in life and may your resolution for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.

30th-Dec-2011 12:40 am - Cities of the Underworld
chasing the dream..
Just watched a very interesting documentary.. Well, at least this episode that I caught really captured my attention for d full program..  It was a History Channel docu.. Never knew I was that much interested in history.. (What do you know, I even learn new things about myself at my age.) It's called Cities of the Underworld & the episode I watched was "Real Mafia Underground" - Island of Sicily, Italy...

It might have been bcoz I had been on a day trip to Sicily before but never knew about this side of Sicily.. & what's more! most of the episode was talking about Palermo! I was there! (tour guide not very good with history ahhhh... LOL)

Well, more than just about the mafia.. At the end of the episode, they explored a pit of bones which was a mass grave, under a church.. Whao!

Amazing! The full episode is on youtube.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVWMCfQyvHA

Go watch!

Aniwae, according to Wiki this docu was last aired in 2009.. Must have ran out of underground cities to film...

28th-Dec-2011 11:38 pm - Happy!
Happy coz I went for a 2 hour yoga session! 1 hour Hatha yoga & 1 hour Hot yoga.. Loving it! It's been too long & I wonder why I chose going to body combat over yoga.. Love d stretches of yoga.. Love the punches & kicks of body combat though.. Shall make more effort to go for both classes!

27th-Dec-2011 12:06 am - Santa is Real!
So yea... Santa is real.... I got a red nose..

Caught a cold this morning & couldn't stop sneezing, blowing & scratching my itchy nose.. Guess I wore d reindeer antlers a little too much this Xmas.. Santa gave me a red nose..

Anyhow, feeling better now as I was on medication & have been drifting in & out of sleep pretty much all day.. Except when d family went out for dinner with d extended family..

Sigh, d end of d 1st long weekend.. Back to work tmr & counting down till Friday, d start of d 2nd long weekend! Wheeeeeee.......!!!!

25th-Dec-2011 02:10 pm - Merry Christmas
Loved this from Sherman's Lagoon..

Merry Christmas everyone!

22nd-Dec-2011 09:23 am - FUCK U!
meh.. -_-||

Fuck u MP! Seriously fuck u!

Why oh why is our government breeding a band of elitist who, either they juz look down on commoners, or they do not think b4 they speak! Seriously WTF!


updated 22/12/11 10.15pm

Mr Brown u rock! loving ur engrish.. u really r d ppl's voice.. 
21st-Dec-2011 10:27 pm - Friday
dun fren u..
Not looking forward to Friday.. Bro will be back with sis-in-law & I'm gonna lose my room for 3 days! Arghhh! Too many ppl in d house! Hate!

Stupid stupid me.. I should have asked Donal for his house keys b4 he left for Dublin.. Damn!

Can't believe my mum been hiding from me that they were gonna take over my room.. Until today, when I rmbed to ask where they were gonna stay when they came back..

Apparently d family noes except me.. Sis was pretty smug abt it, tt she didn't have to give up her room.. 

Can't believe it every1 neglected to tell me!!

Middle child syndrome.. It's gonna stick with me my whole life..

I'm a selfish annoyed bitch.. who feels d nd to destroy smth right now.. Anger nds to be channeled!! 


p/s would anybody with a spare room like to adopt me over this xmas wkend? 

Updated 22/12/11 7.30am

I might have been slow or stupid or smth last eve.. I thought 1 Jan was next Monday.. Maybe I juz can't wait for 2011 to pass.... I'm not juz giving up my room for 3 days but 10 days!! I had actually convinced myself tt I would be ok with this until I realised it'll be for d whole of next week.. They're here for holiday but I'm not! I have to work & I nd my room to get ready for work!!! 

Feel like going to some obscure location & screaming at d top of my lungs...

& still nd to do some thrashing!!!
19th-Dec-2011 10:29 pm - .....
Life sucks
Wow i've had my livejournal since 24 June 2005..

Let me see..

6.5 yrs ago..

When I was 19 going on 20..

Oh how time flies....

Oh how i wish......... Growing up is so tough...

- rAch
on fire
This post will be full of pictures....... 

So today, my 2 partners-in-crime are out of town.. & so is my mum.. There is no better day than this to spring clean b4 the new year.....

My mum is a hoarder.. True story.. Hence, I have to do this when she is not around.. Otherwise all that is to be thrown away will be checked once through by her..... Sad to say, I have inherited a little of her genes.. & I hoard as well.. (I would like to say not as much as she does but I really can't speak for myself..)

Just look at what a freaking mess my room is! Well, actually this is about 1/3 way into the clearing of mess...

Anyway, I dug out quite a few gems from the mess... & I was pretty ruthless to throw stuff out.. Hence, the pictures...

This Ericsson handphone was my 2nd handphone from 10 years ago!! I call it the highlighter.... Just look at it.. Ericsson.. Not even Sony Ericsson............ How old school is this?

Anybody remembers Secondary school days & neoprint! Neoprints were the rage man... These sticker-picture taking machines!

Found this stack of fresh old SG bills in running numbers.. ($_$) It was given to me after my granny's passing 3 years ago.. She kept it all these years (around 20 years).. These bills are usually given out during Chinese New Year to the little ones in red packets..

& currency from places I've never been to...

Wow! This card must be about 20 years old.. I was in Yamaha music school back when I was 5/6 years old..

My alma mater's 110th anniversary phone card.. 

This was from Primary/Secondary school! Hymn book & bible..

Various lanyards.. 
1) Back when I part-time in Fish & Co during Polytechnic days.. 
2) The words on the card has faded off.. This was from my first full-time job with the travel agent, dealing with Trade Shows (mostly in Germany).. This was a visitor pass/lanyard to ITB Berlin 2006.
3) MOSAIC festival 2006]
4) Formula 1 2011 - Sunday walkabout

Concert tickets to Coldplay & Jason Mraz.. I LOVE COLDPLAY! but sad to say I have ever only attended 1 out of the 3 concerts they held in SG.. Jason Mraz was sold out when he did his Asian tour, so Claire & I travelled to the KL concert.. Holiday at the same time.. It was our one & only trip together so far...

My most important tool when I worked in Royal Plaza & Bobby's.. The wine opener.. Rest of the bar tendering tools don't belong to me.. *bleah*

The result of the spring cleaning... The creation of floor space for sweeping! I CAN SEE FLOOR!!! LOL
I'm immensely proud of myself..

Stuff to bin...

Stuff for Salvation Army..

Gotta work on the wardrobe soon.......

Hope you enjoyed d spring cleaning tour! 

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